ARM7 Trainer / Development Kit

Model: EDU2148
EDU2148 Trainer kit is suitable for the beginners to learn about ARM7 family architecture and helps to start their own application. The Board is designed with NXP LPC2148 microcontroller and has unique features to ease your learning and accelerates your development.

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  • NXP LPC2148 microcontroller with 512 KB Flash Program memory 32+8KB SRAM and 12Mhz crystal, clock can be multiplied by CPU-PLL to 60Mhz.
  • On-chip two 10 bit ADC capable of providing 14 analog input channels, On-chip USB 2.0 Port and On-Board USB to UART bridge connected to CPU-UART0 for ISP.
  • No confusing Jumper Selections, UART1 terminated at standard 9pin D type connector and 8 LEDs connected to Port lines.
  • One 8 way DIP Switch to set input (connected to Port lines) and 4X4 Matrix Keypad.
  • One 16X2 Alpha-numeric LCD, One Potentiometer to set the analog input to ADC, One 16Kbits Serial EEPROM (I2C Interface) and Single digit 7segment display connected to CPU – I2C port.
  • Two digit 7 Segment display connected to CPU IO Port (Multiplexed), CPU - RTC Crystal 32.768Khz with battery backup.
  • One Temperature sensor connected to ADC channel, On-chip DAC terminated in connector for easy access and Port lines terminated in 26pin FRC for external interface boards.
  • Standard JTAG port for emulator / programming and Built-in Power Supply.
Standard Accessories Included
     » One USB Downloading Cable. » One RS232C Interface Cable. » User Manual. » Example Program in CD-ROM.
ARM7 Interface Boards
Relay Buzzer & DC Motor Board
Model: RBDIF
♦ One 5A SPDT Relay with Driver circuit.
♦ One 5V Buzzer with transistor driver.
♦ One tiny PM DC motor with Driver circuit.
♦ No External Power is required, Power taken from kit.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.
Stepper Motor Driver Board with Stepper Motor
Model: SMDIF
♦ One 1KG Stepper motor.
♦ Driver circuit capable of driving 1Amps / Phase.
♦ Simple Dial provided in PCB to measure step angle.
♦ Built-in Power Supply.
♦ Fixed in Wooden Enclosure.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.
Traffic Light Control Board
Model: TLCIF
♦ LEDs to simulate Traffic Lights.
♦ Simulates Traffic control of 4 way Junction road.
♦ No External Power is required, Power taken from kit.
♦ All input signals are buffered.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.
Graphic LCD Board
♦ Resolution: 128 x 64 Pixels.
♦ View Area: 72 x 40 mm
♦ With Back Light
♦ No External Power is required, Power taken from kit.

PIC Microcontroller Boards: (i) PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger

Part Number: PG164130
Microchip’s PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer uses in-circuit debugging logic incorporated into each chip with Flash memory to provide a low-cost hardware debugger and programmer. The PICkit3 can program any PIC microcontrollers.

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  • USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC).
  • Real-time execution.
  • MPLAB IDE compatible (free copy included).
  • Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor.
  • Firmware upgradeable from PC/web download.
  • Totally enclosed.
  • Supports low voltage to 2.0 volts (2.0v to 6.0v range).
  • Diagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error).
  • Read/write program and data memory of microcontroller.
  • Erase of program memory space with verification.
  • Freeze-peripherals at breakpoint.
  • Program up to 512K byte flash with the Programmer-to-Go.

PIC Microcontroller Boards: (ii) PIC Development Board For PIC16F877A /18F4520

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  • PIC Development Board for Microchip PIC Series
  • ICSP Socket For Programming Through PICKit3, ICD2 and etc.
  • During Testing Easy to Remove Chips with ZIP Socket, On board Regulated Power Supply 5V and Easy to test with Burg Connecters wires.
  • One RS232 Serial Port, 4 Digit 7Seg. Mulitplexed Display and LCD display 2line x 16Characters.
  • 24C16 I2C EEPROM, RTC DS1307 with Battery, 10 LED array and 4x4 Matrix Key Pad.
  • 2 Intruupt Switches (Push-ON SW), LM35 Temperature Sesnor for Temperature Measurement, Trimpot to feed analog input to ADC and 8 Input Switches (DIP SW).
  • Example Programs and DC Power Supply.
Package Contents
  • PIC Development Board.
  • Burg Connecters & Single stand Wires and RS232C Serial Cable.
  • Software CD (Data sheets, Example Porograms, Schematic).

89V51RD2 Development / Trainer kit

The prototype board with any of 51family 40 pin microcontrollers. The RS232 driver on board allows easy connection with PC or other embedded hardware (Easy to flash 89v51Rd2 / 89S51/2 Thru flash magic).

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  • 89v51RD2 or 89S51/2 Flasher through RS232 using Flash magic Software.
  • On board Regulated Power Supply 5V supply.
  • Easy to test with Burg Connecters wires.
  • One RS232 Serial Port for ISP / Application.
  • 4 Digit 7Segment Mulitplexed Display.
  • One 16X2 LCD display with Backlight.
  • 24Cxx I2C EEPROM.
  • RTC DS1307.
  • 10 LED array.
  • 8 Input Switches.
  • 4X4 Matrix Key Pad.
  • 2 Intrrupt Switches.
  • I2C based ADC & DAC.
  • Eaxample Programs for all peripherals.
  • Easy To flash 89V51RD2 Through Flash Magic Software.
  • USB converter plug-in Board for USB download.

MPS430 Starter Kit With JTAG Programmer and Debugger

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  • MCU: MSP430F14X with 4K Bytes Program Flash, 256 Bytes data Flash, 256 Bytes RAM.
  • 7-Segment LED Display(Multiplexed x4).
  • One Serial Port for ISP.
  • One RS232 Serial Port for user.
  • On Board JTAG Connector for Debugging.
  • Built-in DC Power Supply Connector and LCD display 2linex16Character.
  • 24Cxx I2C EEPROM.
  • One LED array and Matrix Key Pad.
  • 4 Intruupt Switches and Buzzer.
  • Eaxample Programs for LED,ADC,LCD,UART,INT SW.
Package Content
  • MSP 430 Development Board.
  • LPT Port JTAG For programming & debugging.
  • Software CD.