VLSI Design

1. Designing of RISC Controller using Verilog HDL (Download Details)
2. Designing of I2C Master Core using Verilog HDL (Download Details)
3. Designing of SPI Master Core using Verilog HDL (Download Details)
4. Designing of PC Printer port using Verilog HDL
5. Designing of PC Serial Port using Verilog HDL
6. Designing of Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) using Verilog HDL
7. Designing of Programmable Timer Interface (PTI) using Verilog HDL
8. Designing of Universal Async Receiver and Transmitter (UART) using Verilog HDL (Download Details)
9. Designing of ALU using Verilog HDL
10. Designing of Traffic Signal Controller using HDL (Download Details)
11. Speed control of Universal Motor (Open Loop) using HDL
12. Designing of PWM controller for DC motor (Download Details)
13. Speed Control of Universal Motor Using PID Algorithm in Verilog HDL(Closed Loop) (Download Details)
14. Power Line monitoring system using FPGA (Download Details)
15. Automatic hall light controller with visitor Counter

Embedded System Design

1. PC programmable Industrial PLC System using AT89C51 Microcontroller (Download Details)
2. Digital PID Controller using AT89C52 Microcontroller (Download Details)
3. Temperature scanner and data logger using Microcontroller (Download Details)
4. Datalogger with voice & tiny motor control (Download Details)
5. Programmer for ATMEL Microcontrollers with PC Serial Interface (Download Details)
6. Development system for 51 family Microcontroller (Download Details)
7. Electronic Screw gauge using LVDT (Download Details)
8. Automatic water level controller (Download Details)
9. Temperature measurement and control using PID algorithm (Download Details)
10. Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control (Download Details)
11. Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control with voice enunciation (Download Details)
12. Speed measurement and control of Universal motor (PID algorithm) (Download Details)
13. Digital weighing machine (Download Details)
14. Efficiency Detector for Relay and Circuit breaker (Download Details)
15. Pick & Place Robotics arm using Embedded controller (Download Details)
16. 8 channel data logging system (Download Details)
17. Digital Clock with time based programmable Control (Download Details)
18. Universal Motor Power control using AT89C2051 (Controlled by PC printer port) (Download Details)
19. Data acquisition system with PC Serial Port. (Download Details)
20. Serial Port to Parallel converter using Microcontroller
21. RF Remote control for electrical control panel (Download Details)
22. IR Remote control for electrical home appliances
23. PC to Printer (RF) Wireless Communication (Download Details)
24. Intelligent Fire Fighting system (Download Details)
25. Interactive Voice Response system (Download Details)
26. Burglar Alarm with telephone Line Interface (Download Details)
27. Remote controlling of home appliance thru telephone line (Download Details)
28. Wireless data Modem (PC to Microcontroller Interface)
29. Wireless Automated Guided Vehicle (Download Details)
30. RF access system (Download Details)
31. Micro controller based Frequency meter
32. Micro controller based Object counter
33. Wireless Datalogger (Download Details)
34. Wireless (RF) PID control system for Temperature Process (Download Details)
35. Wireless (RF) PID control system for speed control of motor (Download Details)
36. Wireless (RF) PID control system for water Level control (Download Details)
37. Industrial Timer using Microcontroller
38. Microcontroller Based Traffic Light Control
39. Automatic station Information system for train passengers using RF (Download Details)
40. RF based speed control of vehicles in school zones (Download Details)
41. Power Line monitoring system using embedded controller (Download Details)
42. Designing of Energy Meter using embedded controller
43. Transformer overheat control system & intimation to EB (Download Details)
44. Automatic Energy and cost calculation to EB
45. Pre-Paid Electricity Billing System
46. Energy Monitoring with Auto Limiting of Load
47. Optical tag identification system
48. Wireless based Crane control
49. Black Line Following Robo
50. Home Security system using embedded controller (Download Details)
51. Heart Beat monitor using embedded controller
52. Humidity & Temperature monitoring system
53. Automatic power saving system for seminar hall (Download Details)

PC based Projects

1. PC based Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2. PC based high-speed data acquisition system
3. Dynamic force measurement system
4. Pick and Place Robotics controlled via PC Serial Port
5. Temperature measurement and control
6. Speed control of Universal motor using FUZZY logic technique (Download Details)
7. Digital Control system for level process
8. PC based ECG monitoring system
9. PC to PC Wireless Communication
10. Controlling of home appliance using PC printer port
11. Displacement Measurement using LVDT

DSP based projects

1. ADSP2105 Based development system
2. Voice compression using ADSP2105 (Download Details)
3. 3D image generation using ADSP2105 (Download Details)
4. Digital Filter implementation (Download Details)
5. Digital Function Generator with PC interface

Other Projects

1. Electronic Screw gauge using LVDT
2. Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control
3. Temperature measurement and ON/OFF control with voice enunciation

Note: These projects are suggested by us for engineering students. We only guide the students to finish the project successfully. We also guide any other projects suggested by professionals.