VLSI Trainer/ Development Kit

Model: SP3E250K
SP3E250K provides a complete VLSI prototyping platform for first time leaners. SP3E250K is an ideal reference platform for users who would like to understand and implement complete FPGA Flow and major ASIC Flow. The hardware is 100% compatible with XILINX® ISE Webpack® (Free download Software from www.xilinx.com) & ISE Foundation® software.

Download Catalogue
  • Xilinx SPARTAN 3E family FPGA with 250K Gates
  • On board Xilinx Platform EEPROM for configuration, on board 4MHz oscillator and manual clock input.
  • One 16X2 Alpha-numeric LCD with backlight, 4 digits 7-Segment Displays (Multiplexed) and 4X4 Keyboard matrix.
  • 3 Sets of Bargraph LEDs to view output status ,3 X 8 Way DIP switches to set input to FPGA and 3 Push to ON keys to feed edge sensitive inputs like rst, wr, rd and etc.
  • All I/O lines are protected against wrong pin assignment and I/O lines terminated at standard FRC connectors for external Interface.
  • JTAG Interface & cable and Built-in-Power Supply.
Standard Accessories Included
  • One Downloading Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Example Program in CD-ROM.
VLSI Interface Boards
Relay Buzzer & DC Motor Board
Model: RBDIF
♦ One 5A SPDT Relay with Driver circuit.
♦ One 5V Buzzer with transistor driver.
♦ One tiny PM DC motor with Driver circuit.
♦ No External Power is required, Power taken from kit.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.

Stepper Motor Driver Board with Stepper Motor
Model: SMDIF
♦ One 1KG Stepper motor.
♦ Driver circuit capable of driving 1Amps / Phase.
♦ Simple Dial provided in PCB to measure step angle.
♦ Built-in Power Supply.
♦ Fixed in Wooden Enclosure.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.
Traffic Light Control Board
Model: TLCIF
♦ LEDs to simulate Traffic Lights.
♦ Simulates Traffic control of 4 way Junction road.
♦ No External Power is required, Power taken from kit.
♦ All input signals are buffered.
♦ One FRC Interface cable.